How We Started

Owambe Rockers is a company dedicated to Owambe Fashion Solution which was founded in 2017 by 3 budding Nigerian entrepreneurs who identified the problem encountered by the typical Nigerian who had traditional functions but was either too occupied to physically go for party shopping or isn’t well informed about the locations of the various vendors of the party fashion items.

An average Nigerian loves a good party; the good food, good music and the networking opportunities it presents are a few of the reasons why Weekends (And some weekdays) have ceaselessly seen party people turn up in large numbers for various occasions across the country. To properly integrate in a Nigerian party, there’s no gain saying in affirming that appearance that is ‘on point’ is of utmost importance to our people.

Owambe Rockers Fashion Company Ltd provides a 360 solution for attendees of a typical African party by supplying the best quality fabrics at the best prices and also going the extra mile to provide a directory and blog to help our Owambe rockers with finding trusted vendors to finish off their Owambe slay.
Either Shopping online via www.owamberockers .ng or in-store at 209 Borno way, off Ladipo Street, Ebutte Metta, Lagos, you are sure to get the premium experience we offer our customers.

About Owambe Rocker’s is the online arm of Owambe Rockers. Our user friendly website has put into consideration all the fashion needs of the party person and has duly incorporated all aspects of it.
Our website is divided into 3 major parts:

The Online Store

where you can shop your fabrics, clutch purses, fascinators, head gear etc

The Online Owambe Directory

dedicated to helping out with finding Tailors, make-up artists and Asooke vendors close to you.

The Owambe Rockers Blog

To provide style inspiration for your newly purchased gorgeous fabric