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Hello Rocker!

Thanks for visiting, your one stop shop for fashion items for our own Nigerian Parties!!!

Are you planning to attend a party as a guest? All you need is to order your fashion needs online (Yas! We have loads of f

abric designs for men and women, head gear, clutch purses and more), visit our directory to locate a tailor, makeup artist and asooke vendors in your neighbourhood and visit our style blog for style inspirations and asoebi styling and you’re ready to…


So while some are busy searching the whole of Lagos Island, Lekki, Oshodi, Kano, Kaduna, South Africa, in short the whole of Africa, you will just sit behind your desk or comfort of your house and finish your asoebi ‘transaction’ online. We save you the stress, time, risk associated with walking #UPandDan in the market, and yes we have dedicated professional shoppers to make your shopping experience worthwhile.

Looking for asoebi is not easy, selection process sef is not another matter, You dont need that confusion in your life

Lets just SORT YOU OUT!

Thanks for being part of our journey!!!

Stay tuned to our blog for owambe Styling and slay designs from top fashion designers across the country.

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