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Sego Gele: 4 styling Tips to accessorize right for that Owambe.

Sego gele came back with a bang in the last quarter of 2020 and there has been no looking back in the asoebi fashion world since then. From the traditional Damask and sego gele to the customised adejoke sego, 3D sego, Grandmaster Sego and Swiss segos, one thing is common, there is usually a pattern on sego unlike asookes which were mostly plain.

While the sego is still struggling to be accepted by the less than 35 age bracket, the older rich aunties and mummies can’t get enough of the trend, playing asoebi dress up with colours and styles.

The biggest challenge with using the Sego is the styling unlike her asooke counterpart that mostly came in solid colours, sego are like candies that just appeals aesthetically to any sabi Rocker. However, what seems to be its advantage has also turned out to be a disadvantage as the biggest challenge for the sego is styling it with a fabric.

Modest Rockers are quick to request for plain sego to avoid the pattern drama but more adventurous Owambe fashionistas want to play with the patterns to get that unique look… Be careful, this can easily turn out to be an owambe fiasco if not properly styled and that’s why we are here for you!

So let’s do a quick run down of the different ways to style your sego to stay on trend.

The Monotone look – Plain Sego Gele, Plain fabrics.

This look is safe and easy to attain, all you have to do is stay with the fabrics in a single colour and sego in a single colour… You can hardly ever go wrong with this mix! See some inspiration below.

PRO TIP – Stay with softer hues for this, avoid the reds, sunflower yellow, Neon orange, well except you want to scream at everyone – I AM HERE!

2. The Plain and Pattern Look

This Owambe combination is also very safe. You select a fabric or Sego with patterns and tone it down with a plain fabric or sego gele. The cue to achieving a clean look in this style is to pick on one of the colours on the patterned fabric (preferably a contrasting colour so that it really pops.


Pair 2 Different but Complimentary Colours

This is a bit risque but if you get it right, you make a full Owambe fashionista statement, similar to a block colour, this styling option involves Sego and gele that are 2 different colours together. E.g Purple and Yellow, Teal and Red, Teal and Fuschia etc.

┬áThe Similar Pattern Mix – The Patterned Monotone Look.

This is the most technical as it involves carefully checking out the sego gele colours and the fabric colours to ensure that the colours are really similar almost giving a monotone vibe but with a burst of colours. Pro Tip – For best result work with abstract patterns

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