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Burnt Orange Aso ebi – Hottest Colour Trend for 2019

Hey Owambe rockers! There is a new colour trend in town and we just could not wait to spill it out, of course we know because our customers have been going on and on about wanting burnt orange aso ebi! Yup!! That is the latest colour trend for our asoebi lovers.

This time last year, Magenta and Onion Pink where all the rave for aso ebi lovers, Instagram hashtags, Facebook timelines and closets of party guests can surely attest to this.

The colours are so many lately that people can hardly keep up and if you are in Naija, it’s worse!!! Cockroach brown, tomato red, Green pepper green, Big brother blue and so many more impossible colours everywhere!

So what exactly is Burnt Orange? Very Simple! Orange that is burnt… Lol. Burnt orange is dark shade of orange, not quite as dark as rust but sure darker than orange.

Burnt orange has always been favoured globally but she just got her moment of glory in the aso ebi scene. How long she is going to last; we don’t know!!! But we are here for this trend!

Burnt orange is an interesting colour because it compliments other colours easily and while it is not the colour you go for when you want the party to be colourful, it is a relatively conservative colour that can easily look coordinated and “tush” on party guests.

For brides, burnt orange is always a winner with the right style team. We have seen this fabric on both brown-skinned brides and fair-skinned brides and result is same – MAGICAL!!!

Burnt orange works well with a myriad of colours, you will be shocked when you see what colours guests and brides have combined with, but you will have to stay tuned. Burnt orange aso ebi as we already know is wearing top to bottom burnt orange. This is a no-brainer when it comes to the burnt orange combo and it is also the most conservative mix. Check out some monotone style inspiration

This is another sweet conservative combo that will work perfectly for both brides and party guests!

Personally, I won’t recommend either of these combos for a dark-skinned person but if you can pull it of, why not??? I also do not recommend this for general asoebi because all your guests won’t be fair-skinned and that would be unfair on the dark-skinned bellas wouldn’t it? Meanwhile, the party will turn out too dark. But I’m sure, you will agree that this combo looks great on these fair-skinned beauties.

This is another risque combination but this bella wore it well. I am not likely to try this, will you? Lets hear in the comment section.

This is another unusual combination. We do not recommend this combination for group uniforms (aso ebi) but the combination may suit a bride or an individual party guest. Check out style inspirations from these bellas.

For those who are familiar with wrestling, you will be familiar with the term “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!”. It is a warning to avoid dangers for those who do not understand how wrestling acts are staged. So we say today: If you are not a fashionista and you have a stylist or personality to pull this off, DON’T TRY THIS COLOUR COMBO!!! But it will turn out very lovely when styled well!

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