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Asoebi Colour Focus; Magenta

As Asoebi shoppers and style consultants, we can confidently tell you that one of the trending colours this season is MAGENTA. We have a thousand requests daily (Ok… maybe, not take that literally, but yes, you get the point) for asoebi in Magenta.

According to Wikipedia, Magenta is a color that is variously defined as purplish-red,reddish-purple, purplish-pink, or mauvish-crimson. The box below shows the various variants of Magenta.


Well, the box above is the international definition, but we have come to realise after interaction with several customers that when an average Nigerian requests for Magenta colour for asoebi, he/she is referring to:

Having our Naija definition in mind, we will walk you through the various colours that work best with magenta. So you have probably got a magenta themed event coming up and you’re thinking how to slay in it. Be inspired by how pretty owambe rockers stunned in Magenta


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