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Asoebi Colour Combination Spotlight – Brown

Just like Magenta in 2018, coffee brown, brown, chocolate, mocha (and its hues family) is fast becoming one of the asoebi colours of this season and no, it’s not entirely inspired by #AChocolateLoveStory. Although, we must admit that we saw an increase in the request for Chocolate fabrics for aso ebi and celebrants after the Chocolate love story wedding. The Brown Asoebi combination is here and we are here for it.

…. if you can’t relate to #TheChocolateLoveStory, it is a beautiful ceremony that featured love birds – Ini Dima and Abasi Ene Obong where all the asoebi guests were decked in beautiful styles of a rich Chocolate brocade… See below some of our fave styles.

…back to the Brown matter, Coffee brown/Chocolate gradually started trending (again) in Q1 of 2022. With its dark rich tones; deviating from black and missing out the gaudiness of brighter tones, the earthy brown complements a wide variety of skin tones nicely (Duh! It isn’t just for fair skin tones as you’ve been made to believe).

All Brown Asooke for a bride
A beautiful brown skin bride in all brown asooke
for her traditional wedding

From party guests to celebrants to couple inspiration, this colour has proven to be a classic, shining through nicely over the years. Consequently, brown is one of those colours you’d wear in a 1989 picture and it will still look as nice in 2022.

Naturally, you’d expect that due to its dark tones that it will be difficult to pair but there are a lot of sweet asoebi combos for this beau. Check out the coffee brown aso ebi combination

The Brown Monotone Asoebi Rockers – See how it complements different skintones nicely.

Brown and Black – 2 dark tones birth gothic asoebi beaus

Brown and Blue – The counter-intuitive mix

The Neutral Classic Metallic Tones Asoebi Combination

Brown and White Mix

Brown and Teal Asoebi Combination

Brown Owambe Couples

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